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The Vision

EcoZmart – Redefining Structural Excellence

At EcoZmart, we're dedicated to achieving unparalleled structural potential through a scientifically proven formula. Our approach is backed by comprehensive laboratory tests, real-life examples, and post-evaluation studies. This commitment ensures complete protection, sustainability, and effectiveness.

EcoZmart stands as the sole international operator capable of providing a precise and comprehensive warranty supported by scientific testing and certification, both for moist protection and decontamination of radon and other toxic gases with a single application – a feat unmatched in the industry. Our rigorous testing process proves our effectiveness against moisture, toxic gases, and also structural integrity and strength, making EcoZmart the only proven solution of its kind for such comprehensive and extensive capability.

Our Comprehensive Guarantee & Warranty:

Our meticulous documentation supports the formula's effectiveness, providing benefits like structural strength and integrity. EcoZmart offers a product guarantee of up to 10 years and a full protection warranty for certified operators trained at the EcoZmart academy. For more extensive operations, we conduct thorough examinations using advanced equipment, drones and specialized skills.


Creating a Sustainable Future:

EcoZmart envisions a world of maintenance-free, sustainable structures close to achieving maximal overall structural potential as possible. By keeping structures moisture-free and eliminating all toxic gases with a simple treatment whilst increasing structural efficiency, we provide financial profitability, stability, and a healthier living environment. Structures without our formula lack the financial competitiveness and sustainability that EcoZmart-certified structures possess.

This leads to a structural climate that is financially more profitable, paving the way for a society where smart and eco-sustainable structures flourish, shaping a better future.

Company Values

EcoZmart is committed to solving complex problems and modernizing traditional methods through innovation and technological advancement. Our goal is to offer these technological advancements on a global scale and drive positive changes within the industry by combining improved public health with an environmentally sustainable structural environment. Our overarching objective is to contribute to a positive global impact and enhance the overall quality of life through this innovation.

Our core values:


Innovation: We embrace new technology and forward-thinking to develop groundbreaking solutions.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future through smart and energy-efficient methods.

Quality: We strive for the highest quality in everything we do, from products to services.

Environmental & Social Responsibility: We are deeply committed to promoting a better future by creating innovations that contribute to an environmentally sustainable structural environment and have a positive impact on the surrounding society.

Warranty: We introduce a unique level of assurance in our groundbreaking results with a warranty in a class of its own. This warranty is supported by scientific evidence, laboratory tests, documented results, and post-evaluation. Our accolades confirm our commitment to providing a 100% risk-free system for end consumers. Through our warranty, we strengthen the trust placed in our innovations, creating confidence and security for end consumers. With our unique warranty and solid evidence, we aim to surpass even the most stringent international standards, beyond Scandinavian standards.

al standards, beyond Scandinavian standards.

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