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Discover the BENEFITS of using EcoZmart 

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- The Life Repair Formula -

- The Life Repair Formula -


Integrating EcoZmart into the masonry structure transforms it into a

self-maintained entity. The infusion of EcoZmart not only bolsters the structure's strength and integrity but also renders it fully waterproof, and capable of withstanding even extreme water pressure. This comprehensive protection not only prolongs the structure's lifespan by preventing deterioration but also significantly reduces the need for maintenance. Consequently, EcoZmart ensures long-term structural integrity, making it a wise investment for both immediate and enduring benefits

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The integration of EcoZmart doesn't just pay for itself;

It surpasses its initial cost by dramatically increasing the structural value of the masonry building/object. This means that the financial benefits far outweigh the investment, making it a strategic choice for any entity and investor seeking both financial growth and long-lasting structural integrity, resulting in a remarkable return on investment (ROI).



EcoZmart distinguishes itself from outdated methods with its year-round applicability, performing effectively as long as the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius/41 degrees Fahrenheit at the application site. This unique quality makes EcoZmart an optimal choice not only for individual homeowners and commercial real estate proprietors but also for construction businesses striving for consistent profitability.


Unlike traditional methods restricted by specific weather conditions, EcoZmart offers enduring business opportunities, ensuring a dependable solution throughout the seasons. Its adaptability promotes flexibility, convenience, and profitability.

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Hurricane Waves
Bridge Construction


EcoZmart not only reduces structural maintenance needs but also enhances strength and integrity, leading to significantly lower maintenance costs. By eliminating repairs caused by moisture, water pressure, and future sanitation, as well as the restoration needs arising from toxic gases like radon, it secures substantial savings. These savings directly translate into pure profits for the entity.



Thanks to EcoZmart's exclusive formula and rigorous quality standards, integrating this innovation significantly enhances substrate density on various masonry surfaces, including stone, cement, concrete, and render. Not only does it achieve complete moisture and waterproofing, but it also establishes a structurally superior and highly durable framework.


This advancement ensures unparalleled resistance against deterioration and harsh weather conditions, such as exposure to heavy rain, storms, floods, snow, and climate changes, making EcoZmart the ultimate choice for enhancing both strength and longevity.

Image by NOAA


Embracing a unique approach, we utilize smart and eco-friendly methods to create efficient structural climates and foster a healthier, more sustainable future environment. This strategy leads to the development of inherently eco-conscious structures, shaping a greener and more sustainable tomorrow



EcoZmart offers a multitude of benefits within a single formula, notably preventing moisture, radon, and other toxic gases from permeating the substrate. Unlike outdated methods that often fall short, its unparalleled efficiency has been rigorously tested and validated in comprehensive laboratory studies, providing scientific backing to its effectiveness.

Our innovation stands as a beacon of efficiency and health, addressing long-ignored issues. It doesn't just block cancerous gases, prevent moisture, and inhibit mold growth; it comprehensively safeguards human health.

This all-encompassing solution eliminates the need for multiple treatments and future repairs, consolidating them into one cost-effective application. EcoZmart not only saves time and resources but also ensures a long-lasting and secure environment for any structure

Broken Concrete
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(Guarantee & Warranty)

For the first time, there is a validated and scientifically supported complete warranty in coherence with moisture and toxic gases, making us the only operator in the world to offer such a comprehensive guarantee and warranty. This eliminates any doubt against the biggest causes of damage for any structure and cancerous risks to human health from any structure.


EcoZmart exceptional quality is underscored by its approval for use in structures in contact with drinking water, reinforcing its status as a pinnacle of safety, reliability, and peace of mind.

To validate the efficiency of our formula and the credibility of our method, we proudly offer an unprecedented level of assurance warranty, leaving no room for doubt for the end consumer—a unique offering in the realm of moisture, water pressure, and toxic gases.

Our assurance comprehensively covers all the aforementioned aspects, substantiated by tangible evidence and rigorous laboratory performance testing. These validations support the achievement of full structural potential, providing robust protection against water pressure, moisture, toxic gases, and radon. All of these benefits are consolidated into a single, powerful formula, ensuring unparalleled structural integrity and peace of mind for our customers.



Thanks to the increased substrate density and the exceptional effectiveness of our formula, cold air is effectively blocked from entering the structure, significantly enhancing insulation capacity and energy performance. This improvement is crucial for any structure, ensuring a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment, making it a vital feature for any structure.

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Traditional methods involving property destruction and excavation come with significant costs, encompassing expenses for restoration, labor, and the potential challenge of unsuitable objects for these procedures.


Moreover, the outdated practice of excavating around a property to create a moisture-free environment through drainage systems provides no guarantees and often fails to achieve the thorough dryness necessary. This inefficacy is highlighted by the absence of guarantees or warranties for such methods. Even minor water pressure or moisture from below the structure renders these outdated techniques inadequate.

EcoZmart stands as the definitive solution to these challenges, presenting a pioneering innovation that not only comprehensively addresses moisture issues but also provides robust protection against water pressure and toxic gases. It is the sole solution operating on a global magnitude that ensures complete peace of mind for consumers, offering the first-ever comprehensive warranty covering moisture, water pressure, and toxic gases, all in one application.



Laboratory Proven Guarantee

Maximum Water Pressure

7 BAR - 700 KPA

71m -233 FT *

(Simple application)

*(Equal to the waterpressure underwater at a depth of)


EcoZmart certified guarantee

MaximuWater Pressure

30 BAR - 3000 KPA

306m -1003 FT *

(Advanced application)

*(Equal to the waterpressure underwater at a depth of)

Proven to successfully block

Toxic gas and Radon


5.3·10-7 s/m*

*(Radon Resistance (Z) after one week exposure)

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