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The Mission
EcoZmart - an innovation with a purpose

EcoZmart stands as a beacon of innovation, reshaping how homeowners, architects, and builders perceive structural integrity. It goes beyond being a mere solution; it embodies our unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that are not only efficient and healthy but also self-sustaining and enduring.


​With EcoZmart, we have ushered in a new era of eco-conscious and smart structural environments. Our comprehensive system doesn't just meet standards; it consistently surpasses the stringent benchmarks set by Scandinavian authorities and international regulations. This makes EcoZmart a global standard-bearer, setting new precedents in quality, performance, and warranty. The formula and product performance were just half of the game to achieve unmatched quality and full sustainability in one innovation.​


It's more than a product; it's a testament to years of meticulous system-building. EcoZmart isn't just about promising sustainability; it delivers it—across continents, cultures, and climates. Choosing EcoZmart isn't just a decision; it's an investment in a future where structures aren't just secure, self-sustainable, and healthy; they're eco-sustainable, setting the bar higher for what efficient and fully protected structures can truly be.

The EcoZmart Journey
Transforming Challenges Into Innovations

My story begins with a challenging situation - acquiring a distressed property through a strategic finance deal, on the brink of disaster ready to be sanitized, potentially facing demolition and leaving me on the edge of homelessness. This property, once a cherished gift to my mother, turned into a battleground against her cancer disease. Witnessing her struggles in an unhealthy environment fueled my determination to seek answers and find solutions. ​ Amidst dilapidation and despair, I delved into existing technologies, only to find a lack of definitive solutions for pervasive issues like moisture, mold, and water pressure. This void sparked a vision: the creation of a comprehensive, scientifically-backed innovation – EcoZmart. I aimed not only to solve existing problems but to innovate a solution that outperforms industry standards. This meant providing a guarantee and warranty that has never been seen before, ensuring protection against the biggest factors causing structural deterioration and unhealthy living environments. ​ The journey was arduous. Countless hours were spent experimenting, combining various technologies, and rigorously testing prototypes. The goal was clear - not merely solving existing problems but innovating a solution that outperforms industry standards combining a guarantee and warranty that has never been existent in coherence with the biggest factors that cause structural detoriation and unhealthy living environments. ​ EcoZmart emerged as the culmination of relentless dedication. It isn't just a product; it's a paradigm shift in structural solutions. Through rigorous scientific testing, EcoZmart not only combats moisture but also neutralizes the structure from toxic gases, creating a structural environment and living space that prioritizes health and longevity. ​ The pivotal moment arrived when we achieved something previously unattainable - a warranty standing as a testament to EcoZmart's efficacy. This warranty isn't just a promise; it's a shield of assurance, backed by exhaustive documentation and rigorous testing. It covers structural deterioration, ensuring a healthy living environment for years to come. ​ Today, EcoZmart stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the way we perceive structural integrity. It's more than a solution; it's a commitment to efficient, healthy, self-sustaining, and enduring structures and living spaces. With EcoZmart, we've paved the way for a new era of eco-sustainable structural environments with a comprehensive system and unmatched quality in line with rigorous Scandinavian standards. ​ This ensures it outperforms even the most demanding regulations and requirements by far, making it accessible on a global scale.

The EcoZmart Advantage
Elevating Structural Efficiency And Value To Achieve





In an industry where most products typically offer 1-3 integrated benefits, EcoZmart redefines the norm by delivering an impressive array of 10 benefits through a single application. This unparalleled efficiency and value set us apart from the rest. Unlike conventional solutions, EcoZmart offers a comprehensive and cost-effective approach that is unmatched in terms of structural efficiency and value gained

Our unique warranty ensures that structural deterioration caused by moisture and toxic substances, which can compromise the structural integrity and health of living environments, is now a thing of the past.


Where EcoZmart is present, these problems are not and uniquely warranted for full assurance.

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A Positive Impact

On A Global Scale

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Everything Has A Meaning And A Purpose

What Does The  Z  Represent

The 'Z' in EcoZmart symbolizes resistance, a crucial element in scientific and technical contexts, embodying the product's core essence. It represents our innovative solution that has been scientifically proven to resist moisture, water pressure, and radon, all within one unique formula. The ten distinct benefits use resilience (z) seamlessly to integrate the benefits into structures, making EcoZmart a standout choice in the industry


"Eco" in EcoZmart represents our commitment to creating environmentally sustainable structural solutions. By addressing a multitude of issues, EcoZmart not only promotes a healthier living environment and eco-sustainable structures but also contributes to a healthier planet


Zmart" in EcoZmart represents intelligence achieved through efficiency gained from resistance (Z). It signifies the product's innovative problem-solving approach, utilizing resistance methods to overcome challenges related to structural deterioration. This combination of smart problem-solving and scientific resistance strategies makes EcoZmart an exceptionally efficient and profitable, employing scientific resistance methods as the primary problem-solving strategy

The Journey So Far

EcoZmart Timeline


Started to experiment and evaluate various methods and solutions

Conducting extensive research on available technologies, their scientific validity, and their practical outcomes, I recognized the limitations of the existing options, which were limited and outdated


Acquired a distressed and problematic property through negotiating a finance deal, the birthplace of EcoZmart

The property faced multiple challenges, including excessive exterior water pressure that caused floods and moisture seeping through the structure. This led to structural deterioration, mold growth, and an unhealthy living environment.


Ryan Kenyon

Ryan, pivotal in EcoZmart's creation, drew upon decades of industry experience and technical skills passed down from his father, a revered figure in technologies and technicalities, who courageously fought cancer. Ryan's profound expertise and unwavering support were instrumental in transforming my vision into reality; without him, EcoZmart simply would not exist. For his invaluable contributions, I am profoundly grateful.


Shirin Foroutan    (19540830 - 20160217)

A remarkable woman, my mother, whose strength knew no bounds, inspired me to innovate EcoZmart and its comprehensive infrastructure. Her enduring spirit drove me to create solutions for safe structural environments, freeing spaces from cancerous gases and moisture.

Through her suffering, she now guides us, ensuring fewer people suffer and endure unhealthy living conditions. Her legacy lives on in the creation of an eco-sustainable structural future.

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In Loving Memory

Honoring My Hero

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Learn More About The Creator Of EcoZmart

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