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The Products

Discover the Proper Techniques for Safe and Effective Application


Maximal Overall Structural Potential

A structural strengthening & protection system

- Essential for every masonry construction


  • Waterproofing

  • Mold Prevention

  • Radon & Toxic Gas Neutralization

  • Structural strengthening -Reinforcement

  • Increase Structure Insulation

  • Decreasing Maintenance Costs

  • Decrease Repair Costs

  • Avoid Demolishing Surroundings 

  • Efficient Alternative To Excavation

  • Increase Overall Structural Efficiency

  • Integrate Eco-Sustainability - longer lifespan

  • Increase Investment ROI

  • Integration of both smart & economically beneficial solutions that is sustainable long term


Multi-Purpose Admixture - Bonding Agent - Premium Primer

A multi-purpose material strengthening

& moist repelling protection system

- Essential for every masonry material

A multi-surface  bonding agent/premium primer

- Applicable on all surfaces including steel


  • Premium Water & Gas Repellent Bonding Agent - Admixture - Primer

  • Eco-Friendly Primer With Water-Based Formula Applicable To Steel

  • More Efficient Than Standard Primers

  • Improving Adhesion On Uneven and Difficult Substrate

  • Application On Damp Surfaces And In Rain Possible

  • Added Protection Barrier Against Water Pressure and Toxic Gas

  • Increase Substrate Adhesion

  • Increase Material And Tensile Strength-  flexibility by up to 4 times

  • Makes Lower Material Thickness Possible Then minimum Required

  • Increase Material Workability

  • Improve Crack Resistance And Durability

  • Essential For Admix for Concrete In Areas With Heavy Climate Variations, Excess Load Exposure and Above Floor Heating

  • Antioxidant - Antifoam - Freeze Stable

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